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Titanium Bar/Rod

is a material with light weight,high strength,excellent meachanical property,good corrosion resistance,etc.It can be produced to various types,such as titanium round bar,titanium rectangular bar,titanium hexangular bar.

Executive Standard:

Option 1:ASTM B348-Standard specification for titanium and titanium alloy bars and billets issued by ASTM
Option 2:ASME SB348-Standard specification for titanium and titanium alloy bars and billets issued by ASME
Option 3:ASTM F67-Standard specification for unalloyed titanium for surgical implant applications
Option 4:ASTM F136-Standard specification for wrought titanium-6aluminum-4vanadium ELI(Extra Low Interstitial)                   alloy for surgical implant applications
Option 5:AMS 4928-Standard specification for titanium for aerospace applications


Unalloyed Titanium Grade 1;Grade 2;Grade 3;Grade 4
Titanium Alloy
Grade 5(Ti 6Al 4V)
Titanium Alloy Grade 7(Ti Pd)
Titanium Alloy Grade 9(Ti 3Al 2V;Semi-Grade 5)
Titanium Alloy Grade 12(Ti Mo Ni)
Titanium Alloy Grade 23(Ti 6Al 4V ELI)

Tolerance:                                                       Delivery State:                                                    Surface of Bar/Rod: 

H11;H9;H7 or H6                                                         M                                                                   Bright and clean 


It's widely used in aerospace; ships and vessels; car autoparts; bicyle autoparts; sea water desalting; aquaculture; ocean oil drilling; sea water pipes; OTEC power plant; condenser; steam turbine titaniu blade; electrolysis and electroplating in metallurgical industry; textile,paper,fuel in the light industry; body substitution in medical implant industry; sports equipment;and manufacture of computers,cameras,watches,glasses,cel phone,etc.

Titanium hexangular bar-rodTitanium rectagular bar-rodTitanium round bar-rodTitanium bar-rod